Sarah Bliss Rasul

Sarah’s earliest childhood memories revolve around creating artwork & attempting to understand how the infamous illustrations from her favorite books & movies came to life. She began realizing her love for drawing in early elementary school in Springfield, Missouri and continued through her first few years of college. Her desire to create different types of work as a professional artist came to fruition in 2007 when she left school to pursue her dream full-time, & continued to learn through exploration.

At that time, Sarah was drawing mostly with ink & creating watercolor paintings. the beginnings of her usage of different mediums began when she saw the beauty of nature through an organic lens during her time lived in Hawaii. While there, she stretched her art further doing live painting events, 3D pencil drawings, and live body painting/hand painted latex suits for runway shows.

Returning to the midwest in 2013, Sarah continued creating in various genres & elevating her work to larger canvas pieces. A recent pivotal moment in her career was when she began incorporating technology into her artwork through the world of digital painting. This modern style of creating artwork has generated pieces like her exploring the Buffalo National River in the Ozarks, featured on t-shirts by Fayettechill.

Sarah’s childhood inspirations have now become her ultimate reality. Her over 1,200 sold originals and reproductions resonates with viewers and have found homes with collectors in all 50 states and multiple countries around the world.

Current work studio located in Springfield, MO.



Marketing Manager: Crowstead Management

Business Manager: Dr. Christine Welch

Account Manager: Rene Rasul


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  • Do you ship your artwork anywhere in the United States?

    • YES! Additional shipping and handling charges apply. We ship using UPS, USPS or FedEx.

  • Do you ship your artwork outside of the United States?

    • YES! Additional shipping and handling charges apply. We ship using UPS, USPS or FedEx.

  • Custom commission work is subject to schedule availability. Inquire for more details.

  • Why can’t I add originals to my shopping cart?

    • Any original in stock on the website is for sale, however due to extreme variance in weight/dimensions and products used the shipping and custom boxes created for each original piece, the total will be priced at time of sale. Email us above if you are interested in purchasing one of my original pieces!

  • Do you only show your artwork in local art shows?

    • No, Sarah has done shows in countless exhibitions across the United States. Check out our upcoming events page for future shows!


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